Crowdsourcing to Outreach

In 1999 I decided to put my family history on line on a few pages.  Eventually it grew to 50 plus pages.  Initially, I was in the mood to share my work as I had uncovered a treasure trove of memorabilia, artifacts, documentation, photos, letters, bibles etc in my Grandmother’s and Aunt’s home.  I have memories of some of this collection being stored in their attic before they moved to a new home with a spare bedroom to collect it in.  Since I inherited the collection and with my interest in family history, I chose to put what I could on the web with the notion that perhaps others out in the world might use this information in their own family history research projects.  Over the past 15 years, I have received some 10,000 plus unique hits on the website, been contacted by cousins I didn’t know existed, and shared information between us that enhanced my family history experience.  With out knowing it, I was crowdsourcing with a modicum of success, and although my initial intentions were to share information, the presence on the web attracted contact and further information for my efforts. 

Now that I am finally in a “retirement mode” of life, my efforts are to stretch into the world of family historians with software, talks and seminars, along with consultations.  A lot of this I envision will be through the continued use of the web as a communication and research tool.  Retire is a retread; that is not me….. I prefer to be relevant in my work as it is why I can wake in the morning with the attitude of producing and contributing something worthwhile for some one else.


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