A Cherished Memory

I just put in 3 days of coordinating pictures and writing memories from 52 years ago and found it an interesting session with the pen and paper, actually with Microsoft Word.  Why do I do this you might ask.   Primarily I am whole heartedly in favor of every one writing their own story, because as a family historian I have found the that the personal stories and accounts of events very useful in the writing my ancestor’s stories.  Finding the vital information is rather straight forward in today’s world of web databases, but to use only that makes for a dry, usual short accounting of my ancestor’s life.  Those that have left behind autobiographies or snippets of their life in diary or journal form provide the family historian insight to the person that can embellish the writing of the stories and enables an opportunity for the writer keep the narrative from becoming a dry read.


This particular memory of mine was about a cherished event in my life.  In my mid-twenties I was asked to be one of five chaperones on 50 mile trek to be taken by a troop of Boy Scouts that I did not know.  I readily agreed to do it and was paid off in measurable dose of self-esteem.  The day by day accounting of this memory hopefully draws images in the reader’s mind as she or he traverse through the story.  To read this account click this link.





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