Technology’s impact on Family History Research

I invested most of this week in finishing the draft copy of some 31 slides I want to present to the local societies and groups.  This presentation is a brief expose on what technology’s impact on family history research has been, is and will be in the distant future.  If I spend on average, 2 minutes per slide, that translates to an hour long presentation.  What is left for me at this time, other than to edit the slides is to pour over the presentation and fill in my notes and mental musings.  My hope in presentating of this review is that of removing the fear and hesitation many have in writing their history, the fear of using contemporary technology in what has been thought of a dry, uninteresting field of research and writing family histories.  May be this will provide the recipient a little purpose and drive their work at discovering and reporting family history, the work that usually accompanies the building of a family tree.


The highlighted direction of this presentation is the movement from the tradition of repeating oral history as the only way to maintain lines of royalty; through use of parchments and stone as a method of recording; and onto the high tech methods of research and recording of today and even a glimpse of tomorrow.


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