Residual Genealogical Brick Walls

I was overhauling my website as planned when it occurred to me that I still have two genealogical brick walls requiring some major work to complete research of two family lines, namely that of Freeman Clough and Thomas Bennett.  Some 15 years ago, the information I was given included three of the difficult areas of research, but now only two remain and shall remain and are planned to be left for the next researcher.

Freeman Clough – Brick wall #1 – I was given no hint of his parentage, but this eventually was solved with use of the 1860 and 1870 Federal Census by recognizing that he and or a member of his family were either staying with his brother in Chicago.  Then the flood gates opened as his parentage and lineage was covered in a major publication by the John Clough of Salisbury, Genealogical Society.

Freeman Clough – Brick wall #2 – info that he died in Tees, Alberta on 27 March 1903 was initial data available.  Recent activity on Canada, Find-a-Grave Index indicates Freeman is buried in Tees, Alberta, Canada; however this is suspiciously information that is copied from other websites and not directly taken from the burial site.  So I consider this a brick wall at this time

Thomas Bennett – Brick wall #3 – This is not a proverbial genealogical brick wall but on line searching has not yielded sufficient information to preclude a planned research trip to the east coast for further research.  Perhaps in the distant future this will become project for me, but for the time being this is on hold.


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