Month: February 2015

Memoir impacts listeners

It has been more than a month since my last blog, but that is what busy gets without specific scheduling.  Not to worry as my blogs are to share not to drum up business, for promotion belongs to other means.  The reason for this blog is that I was honored this week with the presentation of the Marble Award for an article that was reviewed on air in 2010.  Evidently it resonated with many in the international community as they voted following the nominations that occurred this past November.    The radio program airing this snippet of personal history is Story Tellers Campfire, a program with purpose to promote literacy in a wide variety of artistic and historical categories, and the specific category my memoir was reviewed in was “Not Everyone is a Writer, but Everyone has a Story to Tell.

The memoir reviewed on the air was a simple dump of my memory, through journaling, of our family vacations at Seal Rock State Park, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, during the early years of my life, which to give perspective and context was during WWII.  The specific portion of the my writing that was reviewed on air was the story of my “first fish”, actually my second, but that one I needed reminding from a letter my dad wrote regarding an earlier incident.  Any way my “First Fish” is the memory of that I recalled, unaided and most likely was my second fish.  The initial feedback from the listening audience was very positive and that particular show maintained its position as appealing to the biggest audience for a couple of years before being dethroned by another.  Evidently by the vote leading to the award, it still holds a spot in the literary listener’s heart, so I have included two links, the first being a link to the overall (6 page) memoir entry and the second link is to an extract of the recording of the actual radio broadcast.

Happy and Enjoyable writing to y’all.