It’s About Time …….

Here I sit with the knowledge I have not written to my blog in sometime, primarily for three reasons: the first being a busy summer schedule; the second being because of that I have little to write about at this time; and the third is that I am not about to become a slave to a periodic blog post with little of meaning and depth to write about, else it becomes a gossip column which is beyond purpose of the posting.

Part of this summer’s work was focused on developing several talks & presentations, one of them digging into what simplicity can be added to the plethora of “writing experts” currently on the internet; while lending encouragement and inspiration to the subject of writing personal and ancestral narratives.   The first attempt I made was to develop a 1-2 page report style form that is primarily used to capture first thoughts of a family historian while she or he study and evaluate the various genealogical data found on the internet today.  It is primarily a source evaluation report, and for me personally, this approach has worked in the past even though I am rather new at it, I find that 80% of what I capture works to lend ideas, themes, and story lines to my ancestors.  Because I capture initial thoughts, I am not left with trying to remember what I wanted the information for, what I was writing about, or even the evaluation process.  To enhance this short form approach, I developed an application for my desk top computer that not only enables my entering the information, but saves the work in a file folder and indexed to be recalled at a later time.  This software will be finalized for release sometime in the early fall.  At the moment is plays on Windows 10, with Office 2010 only but that is scheduled to change sometime in the future with the aim of it playing with Office 97 and newer releases.

Another project undertaken this summer was the transcribing and compiling of my mother’s post cards and letters into a volume titled “Dorothy’s Voice,” an activity I found enlightening as my memories during our life during WWII in Bremerton, were modified to the point of wondering what in fact were my experiences that were the germs of memories as I recalled them.  This is a topic for another day, one I look forward to tackling as I write my memoirs and mom’s story.  Speaking of future projects, one that I will be taking on now is the research into the relevance of history to a genealogist, specifically history that an ancestor lived with, and how that specific history applies to and incorporated in the narrative that accompanies the ancestor.


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