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Hello Readers,

The genesis of George’s Blog was in August of 2014, and was started to serve as a place to respond and gather responses to the items and situations encountered on my foray into the world of family history research & reporting.  For the most part the plan is to include only those things consistent with a narrow interest in the roles technology, personal writings, and crowdsourcing brings to my world of family history research.

Having said that let me set about a proper introduction by stating that I am a new blogger, interested in blogging on the myriad of subject matters encountered in the normal activities of family history research & reporting (or publishing).  Along the way I may include subject matter that deviates from the norm but is still pertinent to the category of family history.

In high school, before the “Berlin Wall”, I had a strong dislike of history with the memorizations of all the dates, places, and events.  I find now in my later years that history is a most interesting subject with all of the dates, places, and events.  Primarily this is because there is a connection of what I am doing in my family history research activities that bring a meaning to those things that were lacking in high school, go figure.

The narrow interest of this blog exists primarily because my career was in technology, including computers; my hobby was family research beginning in the late 1980s, my recent activities included the use of computers and the internet in putting together some 2400 names in my family tree database.  I can’t take credit for all those names as I relied heavy on the work my ancestors and distant cousins did.  At best I employed the use of the internet and is associated databases to add source material my ancestor’s work that wasn’t readily available without a trip to the various repositories.  With this proofing done, I have been able to focus on archiving a few thousand of artifacts, documents, and other memorabilia I was fortunate to inherit from the Snyder Clan as we seemed to be a collector of this from about the mid 1850s.  In a sense I was born into the role I am undertaking now that I am retired and am looking forward to expanding my activities in the geological circles I seem to exist in.

For further information into my life, my history, of who I am, of whom I might be click on “George’s Place” in the main menu, and when that home page comes up click on “About Me” to bring up my bio.  Also, for those of you interested in my Genealogy Web Site, click on “George’s Roots“.

Thank you for visiting my blog



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